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Why go with a traditional Real Estate company?  You will end up paying thousands of dollars in commissions.  Traditional Real Estate companies charge Sellers outrageous rates, ranging anywhere between 7%-10%.  Your home is your investment and you should not be charged thousands of dollars to sell your home!  Do you actually know what services you are getting with a traditional Real Estate company? 

Whenever you choose to go the "traditional" route, all you are really getting is a Big name.  Most Realtors are taught to under price your home at a high commission, with no regards to your best interests.  If you look through most listings on the market today, you will see basic marketing at its best. 

We are not here to discredit anyone.  We are here to provide you with the best system out there to choose from.  'Liberty Realty Sells for 1% and more' was created to change the way people view selling their home.  We make it Fun, Fast and Affordable.  With information that is timely and accurate, and experience you can trust.  Giving us the opportunity to sell your home, gives you the best opportunity to sell your home. Showcasing of your home

Almost 2/3 of the market is comprised of repeat buyers, and 53% of them use  When it comes to real estate, QUALITY is better then quantity, and delivers both. does not allow "estimates" on active listings that Conflict with List price.  You will receive premium placement on MSN & AOL real estate.  Premium placement on  & mobile.  We are able to incorporate up to 2,500 character description, 35 Photos & our Lifelike Walk Through Virtual Tour to your The #1 Website with the Global Exposure your home deserves.

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We have been very ground breaking and innovative by providing you with a Lifelike Virtual  Walk Through 360 Tour of your property.  With on average 75+ homes on the market,  we showcase each and every one with lifelike footage.  This feature saves you time and energy!  We are connected to many social networking sites and this allows us to share your property with interested buyers without the hassles of an 'Open House'.  When we bring someone to your door, they have already seen your Lifelike Virtual Walk Through 360 Tour, so the chances of your first showing being a Complete success are extremely high!  Some of our properties receive thousands and thousands + views a month.  This gives you Global exposure!  No matter what City or State, from the comforts of Home, your buyer can now Virtually walk your home without having to leave the comforts of their home.  Serious buyers come to your door only!  Just another one of our Premium marketing tools.*this is included on most packages.



Professional Photography

Let's be honest.  People are visual today and are easily discouraged.  We work with Professional photographers that provide us with the best Real Estate photography around.  When selling your home, you have to look at the process as a consumer.   We are all visual and want what looks good.  Marketing 101, providing your buyer with the best visual of your product so that they don't pass it up.   Most people know what they are looking for and it's our job to make you stand out compared to the rest.   We have the best tools to give your home the best presentation on the open market.  With over 1,850 homes sold/listed since 2002, we are able to enhance the quality features that your home has to offer.

 Hands on Broker

 Ms. Bicaci is a, "hands on Broker" and handles all Deals and Negotiations Personally.  When you hire our company, you are getting a Professional Broker on your side.   Ms. Bicaci is known for her strong Negotiations skills & Extreme dedication to her clients. Liberty Realty Sells for 1% and more, provides the best opportunity to get you top dollar for your home.   We have the Experience you can Trust!  We provide you with Information that is timely and accurate.  Going above and beyond for our clients, proving 1 Happy Customer at a time that this is the best system to offer the consumer today! Nowhere else will you find a "hands on Broker" that will hold your hand throughout the Selling process.  

 Free Home Warranty Included when you List w/ US!

Just like anything else you purchase that is of great value, a Free 1 Year Home Warranty Helps ease your buyers mind.  At the time of the listing agreement, you "the Seller", will receive the home warranty, which covers you for the life of your listing.  At the time of transfer, your buyer is provided  a little extra peace of mind with the same home warranty given to them by us, which is good for 1 Year. 

Just an added bonus for any interested/serious buyers.  

Our Strategies are proven!


Marketing Costs Money/ We don't get paid until you do!

Many Realtors can't make it in Real Estate because the marketing costs are so high.  To be able to provide you, the seller with the best service, our overhead is high!  We deal in high volume and at a very low rate- because it works.  We are dedicated to getting your home sold!  Fact is, our company wouldn't be able to survive without our Listings selling frequently.  

 We are dedicated to providing the best service out there on the market today because that is what works for us.  We save you thousands of dollars at some cases being tens of thousands of dollars.  Why pay ridiculous rates?  We have all the right tools and more!  Over 1,850 homes sold/listed since 2002!


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*Some Restrictions may apply. We don't take all listings unless we feel confident that your home is going to sell. To schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our Real Estate Professionals, please contact Ms. Bicaci @ 440-749-LIST (5478)


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